Wood Venetian Blinds


Our Wood Venetian Blinds for sunshine coast brings a classic elegance to your Venetian Blinds, making them more than just a window furnishing to keep a room private and shield it from too much sun. They enhance the general aesthetic of the space and complement whatever look of the space is. It’s perfect for traditional homes or contemporary homes with an elegant touch.

Each brand at Home Point has been consummated to suit all purchaser needs. From seriously estimated quality blinds to delightfully hand made wood venetians.

Our Wood Venetian Blinds for sunshine coast are exceptionally flexible, with a horde of colours, completes and slat widths on the market. Painted completions empower a blind be delivered in any tone, while mechanical advancements consider extraordinary slat completes, for example, upset, high gloss or vaneer finish, permitting the customer to stamp their taste and character on their home.

Every one of the wood brands of home point are offered in their discount components or as a visually impaired fabricated to every individual request particular.

At Home Point, we stock a wide range of different Wood-based Venetian Blinds, in different, slat sizes, colors and finishes.

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