Alloy Louvered Awnings


Alloy Louvered Awnings provides your home, apartment, and building high quality protection from the sun and uncertain weather of sunshine coast with a classic style that you desire.

These Awnings can either be fixed – with specific setting that best caters to the need of the space – or adjustable through a winder. Should you choose a Alloy Louvered Awnings, you can specifically request them to be at angle the blocks out the eye level – usually at a 45-degree angle. This heightens the space’s privacy without requiring you to constantly change its settings.

We are providing a wide range of alloy louvered awnings in sunshine coast that can be used in many ways according to your need, including providing shade over your home, building, and picnic areas to protect you and your love ones from severe weather conditions.

At Home Point we also provide custom measured alloy louvered awnings for any space. They can even be painted a variety of colors, depending on your preference.

Alloy Louvered Awnings are designed to protect windows and even glass doors:

Aluminum Louvered Brochure

Alloy Louvered Brochure

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