Awning Hoods


If you are living in sunshine coast and want to maintain the pristine quality of your awnings? Try Our Awning Hoods. They will serve as additions safeguard to your already hardwearing, premium outdoor awnings, especially when they’re retracted.

Awning hoods are a great way to protect exterior doorways, entrances or windows from sunshine coast weather. They are fixed shade structure normally although awning hoods can be retracted. Home Point also offer a re-clothing service for awnings hoods where the fabric has worsened but the frame still remains in a good condition.

All our awning hoods are made with rust resistant frames and for extra strength they are welded. We also design awning hoods frames depending on your preferred style and required size. They are made in our own showroom with highest focus and great quality.

These Awning Hoods for sunshine coast come in a variety of styles and can be cut and custom made to fit your awnings.

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