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Are your awnings broken or badly need repairs

Invest in Home Points premium-grade awnings parts. Because most of them made in-house and the rest sourced from the best manufacturers in the country, they sure to be hardwearing and able to withstand the changing Australian weather.

Think about it, going for cheap but lower quality products will end up costing you more money because of the regular repairs. They could even end up damaging your awnings to a point that they will need to be replaced altogether.

That’s why Home Point only produces and sell the best quality parts either from our own factory or from suppliers we trust. Awning repairs are common and expected, but that doesn’t mean that you should not invest in better quality replacement parts. That would at least assure you that you won’t need repair anytime soon.

Whether you need help you repairs or need parts to replace broken ones, please call our office anytime. You can also send us a photo of whatever parts you need.

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