Awnings Just Keep Out the Sun

Awnings—They Do More Than Just Keep Out the Sun

The Sunshine Coast is synonymous with balmy days and outdoor living. While barbecues and beach picnics are a must, the relentless sun can turn your home into a furnace. But fear not! Awnings from Home point offer the perfect solution – shade from the heat and a touch of designer flair to elevate your home’s curb appeal.

Awning Magic: Beyond Sun Protection

The right awning isn’t just functional; it’s the finishing touch that transforms your house into a showstopper. Think of it as the frosting on a cake – adding personality and making your neighbours green with envy! Here’s how to choose the perfect awning to complement your unique Sunshine Coast home:

Awning Selection: A Celebration of Architectural Style

Australian homes boast a rich architectural tapestry, each era reflecting the ingenuity of its designers. Choose an awning that harmonises with your home’s style for a truly customised look:

  • Victorian Terraces: Enhance the curvaceous lines of these classics with an awning that echoes their elegance. Arched, full-canopy awnings add depth and colour, creating a picture-perfect exterior.
  • Workers’ Cottages: These charming abodes, once the domain of the working class, gain added character with a practical and stylish fixed café awning. A utilitarian choice that complements the home’s inherent beauty.
  • Inner-City Terraces: Inject urban charm into your 19th-century gem with a versatile convertible awning. Scalloped edges in a solid colour add a touch of period character while maintaining a sleek, city-inspired look.
  • Federation Homes: Defined by a uniquely Australian informality, these breezy and welcoming havens deserve an awning to match. Opt for a scalloped, fixed canopy with a more casual feel compared to the formal styles suited to older homes.
  • California Bungalows: Inspired by the American Craftsman movement, these homes demand a pared-back, functional approach. A Flexi-Fit pivot arm awning in earthy tones complements the sleek lines and nature-inspired colours that define these dwellings.
  • Postwar Brick Veneer: These modest homes, built for the families of World War II veterans, exude a sense of homeyness. Complement their character with the retro charm of colourbond steel awnings. Stripes add a touch of playful personality.
  • Mid-Century Modern and Modernist Homes: Defined by clean lines and geometric shapes, these homes require awnings that mirror their streamlined aesthetic. A fully retractable folding arm awning in a solid colour that complements your existing palette is the perfect choice, allowing you to maximise natural light when desired.

Awning Expertise for a Sunshine Coast Oasis

The perfect awning not only shields you from the sun but also injects style and colour into your Sunshine Coast haven. Contact the design experts at Home point today to discover the ideal awning to elevate your home’s functionality and aesthetics.