BLUMPA: Silence Your Blinds


Just put your baby to sleep when strong wind slams your blinds shut?

Avoid the stress of your blinds not holding its place and making unnecessary noises with the Blumpa. Blumpa for sunshine coast is an innovative design that keeps your blinds securely locked in one place by simply installing it on the rails, much like you would a stopper.

Blumpa helps you to focus on work by making sure you’re not distracted by the roller blinds banging against your window. Adding a Blumpa to the rails of your blinds to stays quiet not matter how much it moves around. It’s compact, easy to use and affordable. What else could you want?

Blumpa is discreet, fits any size and effective in eradicating that clanking noise that you often hear when your blinds hit the window frame.

Call our office to arrange shipment of your blumpa directly to your home in sunshine coast.

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