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Centor retractable screen in sunshine coast is award-winning and highly popular. All their products were specifically developed to pair with any door, window or open space in a home. They’re able to keep insects out without being obtrusive or cutting out the airflow and sunlight. They’re also able to give anyone inside privacy without compromising the view.

Their retractable screens are not imposing or clunky, and they don’t rely on hand-brake mechanisms which are difficult to operate. You can easily slide the screens in and out using your fingers when not in use. This is thanks to patented technology they developed called the Load Balancing Technology.

What is the Load Balancing Technology?

Unlike most screens,  centor retractable screen for sunshine coast does not use crude spring-loading mechanisms that usually hinder the smooth movement of the screens on the track. This alteration allows the screen to move effortlessly even with just the slight push of your fingers. At the same time, it will easily lock in place when no pressure to move is applied.


Centor Retractable Screen

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