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BULLNOSE STEEL - Multi-Rib Cross-Section Tru-Steel Panels Vertical

Cooloola Awnings on the Sunshine Coast are a conventional window hood flexible enough to use as a Patio Awning on a larger scale. At Home Point, we stock the premium quality Cooloola Water-Proof Curved Awnings.

Cooloola Awnings are specifically designed to be waterproof and endure any weather condition of the Sunshine Coast. It comes with high-quality beams that help support the structure of the awnings, and a continuous panel click system secures it.

Cooloola Aluminum Awning is waterproof and offers protection against both rain and the sun. At Home Point, like all our other awnings, they come in various styles and colours to match your home’s aesthetic. A range of different colours is available for you, so you will not have any issue finding a design to suit your home.

Cooloola Aluminum Awning is designed not to rust. They are available with the standard trim panel sides or upgraded to closed sides for extra protection from the elements.

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