Cord and Pulley / Cafe Awnings


If you’re looking for an affordable and effective solution to shading your outdoor spaces or larger windows and entrances, a Cord and Pulley Awning is the perfect addition to your home in sunshine coast. Like other awnings, you can easily customize then to whatever textile, size and color you need. It’s even easy to install and operate.

The Cord and Pulley awning provides coverage for your open-spaced living areas such as the patio or verandah against bad weather of sunshine coast. It is available in clear PVC and tinted PVC fabric. Clear PVC does not protect the user from the heat unless a heat resistant fabric is used.

They are fitted in between two posts on the verandah or patio or in front of two posts or pillars. The cord and pulley can be zipped up but is not recommended to be rolled up over a long period of time to avoid creasing of fabric.

With Home Point expand your indoor space into the outdoors without compromising your privacy or your wallet with a Cord and Pulley Awning.

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