External Venetian Blinds


External Venetian Blinds are the optimal solution for UV protection, light control and privacy to any space in sunshine coast. Not only External Venetian Blinds are made from the premium quality materials that will withstand the harsh sunshine coast weather, they are also designed for easy operation – whether it’s manual or motorized.

Installing External Venetian Blinds at your home’s outside window will help the home from the intense heat of the summer sun. It can cool your home up to 20% . External venetian will not just make your house cooler, but will also help avert the fabric of your carpet, drapes or furniture from diming quickly.

We stock a wide variety of Outdoor Venetian Blinds. They come in different blades sizes – from 60mm to 80 mm, a selection of colors and different materials for you to choose from. They can easily complement any space of home.

Outdoor Venetian Blinds are perfect for:

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