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Nothing says traditional and summer like Fabric Awnings. To satisfy every aesthetic, we’ve sourced some of the most unique, classic and modern designs we could fine, as well, as the highest quality. These fabrics have been made specifically for outdoor use, thus some premium options can block 95% of the heat and glare of the sun while still allowing cool air to pass through – perfect for the warm summer days, here in Queensland.

Fabric Awnings often come in 3 different textiles, namely canvas, vinyl and acrylic. They can also be done in multiple shapes and designs depending on the space.

Some options include:

Each style and fabric have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as their ability to withstand difference weather conditions, how they’re able to cover the space and aesthetic that they exude once installed.

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Make Your Surroundings Beautiful With
"Home Point Outdoor"

Make Your Surroundings Beautiful With
"Home Point Outdoor"

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