Fabric Covered pelmets


Home Point’s Fabric Covered Pelmets in sunshine coast are great window accessories that easily mask curtain fixtures. With the right fabrics, they can even add a stylistic flair to your window. Aesthetics aside, pelmets are also great for convection currents. It works similar to valence, except this will be covered with fabric.

Pelmets are the covering which can sit on top of a group of curtains. They are accessible in an assortment of styles including essentially fabric which is appended to the curtain track or a pelmet box which is a more organized plan. Pelmets are an extraordinary final detail to add to your window plan as they cover the curtain rod and can fill in as a great final detail.

Our pelmets are uniquely crafted to accommodate your windows impeccably. They’ll coordinate with your rooms topic and are made with lavish curtain texture, or fortified with hard visually impaired textures to coordinate with your blinds. You’ll discover Pelmets to be a perpetual apparatus in the entirety of Australia’s recently assembled current homes and work out in a good way for roller blinds, wood blinds and any remaining kinds of blinds and curtains.

We supply the pelmets for your own completion in your picked shading, or completed in interlining (knock) for you to cover in your own fabric. You can likewise have your pelmet provided with a wood veneer.

We also offer mirror finish pelmets in silver and gold mirror finish. You can see some model mirror pelmets by visiting our fabric covered pelmets in sunshine coast showroom.

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