Fixed Fabric Frame Awnings


Unlike other awnings, Fixed Fabric Frame Awnings, from its names, are stationary and don’t come with cranks of mechanism to operate it and are perfect for sunshine coast weather. Once installed, they’re set to stay there and provide shade when needed. These are most suitable for doorways, windows and entrances. They’re also a great way to extend shade on decks or store fronts.

With the right design and shape, they can definitely add to the aesthetic structure, as well as provide shade from the sun or rain. Fixed Frame Awnings come in different materials such as fabric, acrylic or PVC.

The fixed fabric frame awning remains in place after installation to withstand against strong weather conditions of sunshine coast. They are aluminium-framed with canvas or other solar-resistant products such as the sunbrella. The frame is secured to the outside of the building and placed over entrances, windows and shop fronts. You can customise the awning based on your preferences and requirements.

At Home Point we utilize many ways to attach the fabric awning cover to the structural aluminum frame. One of the mostly used way is of using steel stitch Milliken tubing along with staples and PVC trim. Often, grommets laced to the awning frame are an option for some types of canopies. We also screw & seam fabric to the awning frame as well as use stainless steel cable.

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