Shop Front Awning

How To Choose a Shop Front Awning That Reels In Customers

Make a lasting impression on Sunshine Coast shoppers with a stylish shop front awning from Home point. Not only will an awning shield customers from the elements, but it also serves as a powerful branding tool to attract attention and establish your presence. Here’s how to choose the perfect awning to transform your shop into the local destination:

Know the Rules Before You Build

Before diving headfirst into design, check your local council’s regulations regarding shop front awning construction, design, and installation. Understanding these guidelines will ensure a smooth process when consulting with your awning manufacturer at Home point, allowing them to provide an accurate quote.

Brand Consistency is Key

A shop front awning is more than just sun and rain protection; it’s an extension of your brand identity. Approach the design with the same care you would a logo, website, or any other marketing material.

  • Colour Coordination: Select colours that complement or mirror the colours in your logo for a cohesive look.
  • Design Harmony: Choose an awning design that aligns with your brand image..

1. A boutique, antique store, or heritage property might benefit from a charming scalloped or frilled awning.
2. In contrast, a professional firm like a solicitor’s office or an insurance agency might prefer a more tailored awning design

Subtle Branding Makes a Statement

For a polished and brand-focused look, consider incorporating your logo or lettering into the awning design. However, avoid cluttering the space. Opt for clear, concise lettering – avoid all caps, which can appear aggressive.

At Home point, we collaborate with experienced design partners to ensure your logo integration maximises impact. Don’t forget to factor this additional design cost into your overall budget.

Architectural Harmony

Your awning should not only reflect your brand but also complement your building’s aesthetics. Choose colours and textures that blend seamlessly with your building’s materials, creating a unified and upscale entrance.

Size Matters: Proportion is Key

Don’t prioritise a larger awning solely to accommodate more lettering. Similar to iconic brands like Coca-Cola and Nike, when it comes to impactful visuals that entice customers, a minimalist approach often reigns supreme.

Maintain a proportional size relative to your shop front for a balanced and visually appealing entrance that will catch the eye of potential customers.

Welcome Customers in Style

The right awning can significantly increase foot traffic to your Sunshine Coast shop. It provides a welcoming entrance and shelter from the elements, encouraging customers to browse and explore what you have to offer.

Home point offers a wide range of awning styles and materials to meet your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to discuss how a beautiful and functional awning can elevate your shop front and transform your business!