Clean Your New Blinds

How To Clean Your New Blinds

Maintaining your beautiful Home point blinds is key to ensuring they continue to enhance your Sunshine Coast haven for years to come. Regular cleaning not only keeps them looking their best but also promotes a healthier environment by removing dust, pet dander, and other allergens from your home’s air. Here’s how to keep your blinds sparkling clean and your home allergy-free:

Weekly Dusting For Allergen-Free Living

Develop a simple weekly dusting routine to prevent dust build-up on your blinds. This simple step goes a long way in preserving their beauty and functionality.

Caring For Fabric and Cellular Blinds

For Roman, roller, and cellular blinds, use the soft brush attachment on your hand vacuum with a low suction setting. Alternatively, you can utilize a similar brush attachment on your regular vacuum cleaner. Remember, the key is to use a low suction setting to avoid damaging the delicate fabric.

Aluminium and Timber Blind TLC

For aluminium and timber blinds, a dust cloth, dusting glove, or a special dust-attracting product (like Swiffer) can work wonders. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Fully extend your blinds.
  2. Adjust them to a near-closed position.
  3. Hold the bottom rail and gently dust each slat one by one.
  4. Reverse the slats and repeat the process to ensure all dust is removed.

Conquering Stubborn Dirt and Grime

If your blinds require more than a light dusting, a gentle cleaning solution is the answer. Always opt for mild cleaners specifically formulated for blinds. When in doubt, consult the Home point team for expert recommendations.

You can also create your own cleaning solution using a mixture of dish detergent (not dishwasher powder) and warm water. This solution works effectively on most fabric blinds.

Gentle Cleaning is Key

Regardless of the material, handle your blinds with care. Avoid scrubbing them – use a gentle dabbing motion while cleaning. After cleaning, rinse the blinds and allow them to air dry completely.

For timber, faux timber, or aluminium blinds, a microfibre cloth dampened with water or your cleaning solution might be preferable.

Special Care For Motorised Blinds

Since motorised blinds rely on electrical components like batteries, it’s crucial to keep moisture away from these areas to prevent damage.

Investing in Quality and Maintaining With Care

Regular cleaning and proper care will ensure your Home point blinds become a cherished feature of your Sunshine Coast haven for years to come. For blinds built to withstand everyday wear and tear, visit your local Home point showroom or browse our extensive collection online. We offer a wide variety of styles and materials to suit your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Let Home point transform your Sunshine Coast haven into a stylish and allergen-free sanctuary!