Linear Valances and Pelmets


Valances and Pelmets for sunshine coast are the perfect duo to complement drapes and curtains. These are window treatments that are used to cover the upper part of the window, hiding the edges of the curtains or drapes.

At the point when you need something other than curtain boards, a valance can add colour and texture to any room. Look over one of our valance plans or get your own imagined and we will customize your valance to fit any window or entryway.

Pelmets are the best window covering expansion to protect your windows and get a good deal on your force bills. A Pelmet adds an obstruction at the highest point of Curtains and Blinds to forestall wind current, halting the warm air which has ascended to the highest point of the room from going over and moving through the window.

Alongside these advantages Pelmets complete the look of your Curtains and Blinds. Adding a Pelmet outlines your window and covers Curtain and Blind headings and tracks to make a flawless smoothed out look.

Valances and Pelmets for sunshine coast environment can be made from a wide variety of materials, including all colors and patterns of fabrics, making them versatile and able to complement almost any style of home.

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