Roller Blinds
Magic Fix


MagicFix Roller Blind System is the innovative response to the ever-growing number of landlords refusing to let their tenants drill anything into the walls of the space their renting. Imagine the harrowing trouble they have to go through just to add fixtures to cover their windows. Often, this means settling for subpar alternatives. This predicament is experienced by both residential and commercial renters alike.

If you’re one of them, not to worry. We have the perfect fix, the MagicFix Roller Blind System.

These blinds are specifically designed to seamlessly stick to any surface, allowing you to install blinds without the need for drilling or making any dent whatsoever in the walls. Their revolutionary friction pads are made from premium materials that retain the tension for a long period of time.

This solution is perfect any surface, including granite, marble, ceramic tiles and any other fragile or slippery surface.

The removal is just as easy as installation. Simply peel off the friction pads, and the blinds would come right off of the surface, leaving no visible marks. This saves you and your landlord from the trouble filling in and painting over surfaces, which would be a necessity for any other blinds or shades.

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