Motorisation for Awnings


Convenience at the touch of button

At Home Point we have motorisation services for our customers in sunshine coast so they can have Motorisation for awnings, blinds or shades. Some of them are even so advanced that they can be linked to your phone, through an app, allowing you control no matter where you are.

Motorisation is one of the best innovations to sweep the window, door and shade market is motorisation. The option for customers to adjust any fixture with ease and often with just a flick of switch.

Motorisation saves you time and effort

Most homes in Australia are designed with many windows and often glass doors that lead to the backyard or an outdoor area.

Imagine not having to manually close all the awnings, blinds or whatever window or door fixture you have yourself every morning and evening, not to mention the times throughout the day that you need to adjust them just right.

A remote allows you full control to do all that, without putting in the same amount of time and effort. It’s a no brainer. Motorised fixtures are just easier to operate, and they’re a great investment for any home.

Free installation of motorisation for your Awnings and windows fixtures in sunshine coast
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