Multi Stop Awning


The versatility of Multi Stop Awnings is the reason why it’s a bestseller in sunshine coast. Through specifically designed track and a revolutionary locking mechanism, awnings can be calibrated to provide secure holds along the track, wherever you want them to track.

With this smart addition, you have complete control of the amount of light, wind or view your space is exposed to. The same tracks and mechanism also make the opening and closing, in general, easier than other awnings.

Multi Stop Awnings also come in customized color and material options for the vertical tracks, bottom bar and pelmet.

Multi stop awning guide the bottom rail up and down by channels down on each side. When you twist the bottom rail, the awning can be unlocked and locked in at any position. And if you are using higher awnings than a pull stick is used to lower the awning by grabbing the rail. They are also known as Twist Lock Awning and is so simple to use and highly practical.

Five standard coat colours are used to design the bottom rail and channels, but at home point we can also do custom powder coat to your awning for the exact colour match with your home architecture.

At home point we have a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. Our awnings come in sunscreen mesh fabrics that can block the light fully or between 90-99%. We have our own showroom in sunshine coast where we manufactured awnings for are valued customers.

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