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Your Outdoor Place Deserves the best Awning

At Home Point in Bli Bli, we’re your best destination for quality outdoor awnings. Our range of outdoor awnings is designed to transform your outdoor spaces, infusing them with style, shade, and improved functionality. Our mission is to bring your dream of an outdoor living area to life, offering a wide array of options with customisable features tailored to suit your preferences.

We take immense pride in providing an impressive collection sourced from leading vendors. Our team assists in selecting awnings that cater specifically to the needs and desires of Bli Bli residents. With our premium-quality awnings, you can experience unparalleled comfort and make the most of your summer days, all within the confines of your outdoor space.

At Home Point, we offer a diverse selection of awnings that redefine the ambience of your outdoor spaces. Revel in complete privacy and protection from external elements, enabling you to utilise your outdoor areas to the fullest. Our Bli Bli awnings offer comprehensive protection for your windows and other outdoor zones. They not only provide additional space to relish breathtaking views but also contribute to energy savings. By installing our awnings, your heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently, potentially saving you money on energy bills.

Feel free to reach out to the trusted provider of awnings in Bli Bli at (07) 53273402. Also, you can schedule a complimentary measurement and receive a personalised quote from us.

Make Your Surroundings Beautiful With
"Home Point Outdoor Awnings"

Make Your Surroundings Beautiful With
"Home Point Outdoor Awnings"

Make Your Surroundings Beautiful With
"Home Point Outdoor Awnings"

Home Point Fabric Awning Sunshine Coast

Fabric Awnings

Our High-quality Fabric Awnings are specially designed to give you the traditional and enjoyable vibes of Bli Bli’s summer.

Home Point Blinds Accessories In Sunshine Coast

Awnings Accessories & Parts

Our Bli Bli showroom has a complete stock of awnings accessories and parts for all your window, awnings and shade related concerns.

Home Point Shade Sails Sunshine Coast

Shade Sails

Shade Sails are perfect for letting you enjoy the summers of the Bli Bli while protecting you from too much sun heat.

Home Point Fire Retardant Fabrics In Sunshine Coast

Fire Retardant Fabrics

You won’t have to worry about Fire Retardant Fabrics effect on your home's aesthetics, they are similar in design and potential, like any other fabric.

Home Point Polycarbonate Hood Awnings Sunshine Coast

Polycarbonate Hood Awnings

Polycarbonate Hood Awnings are the middle ground protection from the harsh elements, including rain and UV rays of sun, while let the Sunlight in.

Home Point Operable Roof In Sunshine Coast

Operable Roof

Operable Roof gives you control over any space, allow you to open the roof to enjoy a warm, sunny day and close it up when it gets too warm.

Home Point Commercial Umbrella In Sunshine Coast

Commercial Umbrella

Commercial Umbrella is a must of outdoor areas on the Bli Bli, especially alfresco cafes, sprawling gardens and poolside setups.

Shadowspec Serenity residential navy Umbrella

Light Commercial Umbrella

Light Commercial Umbrella is the premier commercial umbrella on the Bli Bli if you’re looking for elegance, style and durability.

Home Point Metal Awnings In Sunshine Coast

Metal Awnings

Our Metal Awnings when installed over a window, helps to preserve the house from entering the intense heat of the summer sun.

Home Point Shade Structure In Sunshine Coast

Shade Structure

Home Point on the Bli Bli is known for its innovative Shade Structures, especially for Commercial Shades Designs.

Polycarbonate Awnings Sunshine Coast

Polycarbonate Awnings

Polycarbonate Awnings are perfect when you don’t want a completely darkened space but would still require shade from the pouring rate or beating sun.

Home Point Motorised Awnings In Sunshine Coast

Motorised Awnings

At Home Point, we have Motorisation Services for our customers on the Bli Bli to have Motorisation for Awnings, Blinds, or Shades.

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