Pencil Pleat


True to its name, Pencil Pleats closely resemble pencils, arranged vertically, next to each other. Pencil pleat curtain in sunshine coast is another popular pleating style that can be done with almost any textile and to complement a wide range of styles.

Curtains are a fundamental thing for any home and they are the ideal final detail for your inside plans. In this assortment, you will discover our pencil pleat choices, with a wide cluster of tones, plans and styles to choose from. Simple to hang, this exemplary plan offers immortal style and tastefulness, and a selection of loads and materials is accessible. Tie your room along with pencil pleat curtains from Spotlight.

Pencil Pleat window curtains include folds of texture that are firmly assembled at the top which takes after a line of pencils. In light of the tight overlays of the header, the fabric streams uninhibitedly to the floor. Pencil Pleats are our most normal heading style in readymade and snare effortlessly onto any of our tracks. This is an extraordinary alternative, as shade width can be changed/assembled pretty much to fit a scope of tracks.

More formal than rod pocket but slightly more relaxed that pinch pleat, Pinch Pleat Curtains are perfect for everyday window dressing. We can even customize the tightness of the pinch pleating, tighter for a more polished look or looser for a fuller look.

Our showroom stocks a wide array of colors, designs and sizes to choose from. At Home Point, having beautifully dressed windows doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

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