Pet Doors


Pet Doors in Sunshine Coast is one of our cutest gift for your loving dogs. Pets are part of the family, so we want to them to feel like our home is theirs too. Having their own pet doors are a great way to give them freedom to enjoy the outdoors, roam your backyard and get some sun, while also having the option to come back in anytime. It saves you the trouble worrying about opening the door for them to get in out.

A pet door or pet flap is a small opening to allow pets to enter and exit a house on their own without needing a human to open the door. Originally simple holes, the modern form is a hinged and often spring-loaded panel or flexible flap, and some are electronically controlled

Even if you walk your dog every day, they’ll be healthier and happier if you install a pet door to let them play outside at their convenience. In hot weather, your animal’s health is at risk if they are left outside all day. Allowing access into the house is a simple way to keep your pet cool in summer.

Let your dogs roam free, be independent and happy, without compromising your free time. Get a pet door measured and installed today.

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