Polycarbonate Hood Awnings


Polycarbonate Hood Awnings are the perfect middle ground solution to want protection from the harsh elements, including rain and UV rays of sunshine coast sun, while still letting the light in. It’s a relatively translucent but hardwearing material that allows for both functions.

These awnings can be customized to complement the style of any home and are perfect additions to outdoor areas, like decks and balconies. They’re also great for walkways and the outdoor areas or cafes and restaurants.

These awnings offer a unique and modern look and it is designed to suit any application whether you are covering the large outdoor area or just want to keep the weather off your doorstep.

It was designed to keep the heat and rain out and let the light. Polycarbonate awnings are a larger investment than aluminum awnings but many homeowners feel the added elegance and beauty is worth the additional investment.

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