ROLLER TINT Blinds - Sunshine Coast

Roller Tint Blinds - Tough, Durable and Sun Resistant

ROLLER TINT Blinds is an avant-garde internal blind system that epitomizes durability and resilience against sun-induced wear, ensuring years of aesthetic delight. These blinds are adept at mitigating the sun’s sweltering heat and pesky glare, akin to the soothing respite of sitting in the comforting shade.

Comprising a multi-laminate composition featuring robust polyester layers with a transparent aluminum film interposed between them, ROLLER TINT Blinds strike an optimal balance. The aluminum film functions as the quintessential reflective element, while the polyester confers strength and pliability, harmonizing aesthetics with durability.

Features and Benefits of Roller Tint Blinds:

Sun Protection

Roller Tint Blinds offer excellent protection from the sun and a reduction in solar heat gain. The performance of a tint blind depends on which film is used. It reduces the glare by between 90% and 97%.

Roller Tint blind films stop more than 99% of the UV rays. This, together with about 93% to 97% of the visible rays and at least 80% to 90% of the infrared rays from the sun, will increase the life of furniture and furnishings by 8 to 10. If carpets take four years to fade to a certain point with no protection, they will take between 32 and 40 years to degrade to the same degree when protected by Roller Tint Blinds.

Winter Warmth:
Roller Tint Blinds will reduce winter heat loss by up to 45%, depending on how they are installed.

Day Time Privacy:
Roller Tint Blinds work like a one-way mirror during the day, giving excellent daytime privacy. There is a security element to this in that you cannot see in through a Roller Tint Blind during the day or at night when the lights are turned off.

How Roller Tint Blinds Works

Film Range

Super Bronze/Silver & Super Grey/Silver

Bronze/Silver, Grey/Silver, Black/Silver

Dark Blue


Grey/Grey & Black/Black



Light Grey

Roller Tint Blinds Film Type

Embossed Bronze & Embossed Grey


Chain Colours available:

White, White Birch, Light Grey, Dark Brown, Black and Stainless Steel.