Shade Sail


If your home have a backyard, deck or even an outdoor pool than Shade Sails are perfect to let you enjoy the summers of sunshine coast while protecting you from too much sun heat. It’s easy to install, comes in a variety of custom styles and colors and made from durable materials that will last several summers.

A shade sail is exactly as it sounds like, but it does not attach with a boat’s mast. Shade sail attached with a roof or other structure in order to create a canopy of shade, giving landlubbers the ability to harness the imagination and style of classic sailboat at your home.

Inspired by the sails of a ship, Shade Sails are a great way to block from too much sunlight and UV rays and also shield from the rain and other elements, while not obscuring the view of the outdoors. It’s the perfect compromise of experiencing the outdoors – especially during the summer months of sunshine coast– without leaving yourself sunburnt or worse.

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