Sliding Door Security Screen 316
Grade Marine Stainless


Sliding Security Doors Secure Screen Security

Home Point Sliding Secure Screen Doors are specifically designed to secure wider doorways, such as indoor-outdoor areas and backyard decks, and maximise the space. With this, you can easily entertain or enjoy an unobstructed view outside without compromising your safety.

Secure Screen sliding doors can be installed in conjunction with an existing sliding door system. There’s a locking mechanism fitted into your door jamb. The doors are interlocked to the existing door frame. Plus, they’re secured top and bottom to prevent lateral lifting. Your home is protected.

This product meets the Australian Standard, which means it was tested for maximum impact and shear resistance. It also comes with triple locking mechanism a 156-degree view and a 16-year warranty.


Checkout this golden oldie with Valerie Taylor. Our security screens have been around for over 40 years

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