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Looking for spare parts for your window or door furnishings?

At Home Point spare parts for sunshine coast we offer a wide range of parts and extras which can assist with setting aside time and cash by permitting the replacement of a section of your broken window, door or been harmed instead of supplanting the whole unit.

The most widely recognized interior door handle parts that we are requested is door spindles. A door spindles shaft is the bar that goes through the door and associates a couple of door handles together. These spindles can disappear when supplanting handles or are now and again cut too off when fitting new door handles. Some additional thick doors require a more drawn out length spindles than the ones provided as standard. At Home Point we offer plain spindles, opened spindles, Taylor’s spindles, 5mm washroom spindles and then some. As a feature of our upvc door handles saves we have a parted axle which permits one handle to be worked autonomously from the other.

Our scope of window and door lock parts and window and door hook parts comprise of forends and striking plates for mortice locks and rounded locks. These are ideal in circumstances where you have chosen to change the completion of your window and door furniture and need the locks and hooks to coordinate however don’t have any desire to supplant the whole unit. Simply select a completion to coordinate with your new furnishings and basically supplant the plates.

Our broad collection of spindles is reasonable for use with window and door handles. Specifically our window and door handle parts incorporate a tightened axle for use with porcelain door handles and Taylor’s shafts which permit one sham door handle to be fitted to an entryway and utilized distinctly to pull the entryway open and shut. Additionally for door handles we stock extra roses for porcelain and china handles that permits substitutions if the porcelain rose gets harmed or broken. We additionally sell an assortment of metal roses that can likewise be utilized with porcelain door handles rather than the provided porcelain rose. Simply select the completion you require.

Visit the Home Point showroom and peruse our well-stocked and organized shelves for any spare parts you need. We have everything you could possibly need – from window shades to awnings of every kind, including all parts and fixtures that come with them.

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