Stainless Security Screens


A stainless security screen offers the same benefits as a safety screen however are specifically engineered to keep intruders out. Our stainless security screens on the Sunshine Coast are durable and ideal for any kind of apartment and home.

Everything about the screen is designed with security in mind, from the stainless steel construction, the installation process, to the frame, hinges and locking system.

Stainless steel security screen is also called bullet-proof window screen. The material is stainless steel wire (304 or 316). It has a flat surface and outstanding protection feature, such as fire and knife proof, resisting the mosquitoes and flies and keeping the thieves and intruders out from houses.

Home Point Stainless Security Screens on the Sunshine Coast are durable, customisable and the perfect finish to any home. 

Stainless Security Screens Key Features:

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