Western Red Cedar Venetians Blinds


Western Red Cedar Venetians Blinds has always been a popular wood option is Sunshine Coast. In the recent years, its wide mass appeal is resurging, thus more and more homeowners are opting for Cedar Venetian Blinds. Their warmth and robust look can instantly upgrade the look of a room, especially with a lacquer finish.

Western Red Cedar Venetians Blinds by Home Point in Sunshine Coast are best uniquely designed custom made wood venetian blinds. We utilize unquestionably the greatest quality timbers all through our reach. We utilize just exceptionally chose 4.2mm thick cutting edges and sand and Custom paint and stain in our own paint corners, where we can handle each phase of creation to ensure the most ideal final result for you. Get together is by hand, with each slat being fastidiously checked at each phase of the interaction.

The cedar is old development sustainable, guaranteeing the fine grain and reliable completion fashioners, modelers and decorators have generally expected from Blinds by Home Point.

On top of being an aesthetic powerhouse, it’s also a durable material that will withstand long term use. This premium material, especially with finishing, can endure exposure to the sun and to certain degree, moisture.

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