Mid-Century Home

What Window Treatments Should I Use For My Mid-Century Home?

The resurgence of Mid-Century Modern design is taking Australia by storm, and Sunshine Coast homes are no exception. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these architectural gems, elevate its style with window treatments that perfectly complement its unique characteristics.

Embrace the View: A Hallmark of Mid-Century Design

One defining feature of Mid-Century Modern architecture is the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Large windows showcasing panoramic views are a hallmark of this style, allowing natural light to flood the living areas.

Window Treatments: Balancing Function and Form

Choosing the right window treatments for your Mid-Century masterpiece requires striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The clean, geometric lines that define this style make traditional, flowing drapes feel out of place.

Roman Shades: The Perfect Mid-Century Match

Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise on energy efficiency or style. As renowned designer Robert Couturier states in Architectural Digest, Roman shades are the ideal choice for a streamlined Mid-Century look. He describes them as “stricter, less fussy, and more modern.”

Functionality Meets Design with Roman Shades

Roman shades retract smoothly, stacking in neat folds at the top of the window. This creates an uninterrupted view, highlighting the home’s geometric purity and connection to the outdoors. When the sun gets too intense, simply lower the shades. Their clean lines block heat while maintaining the minimalist aesthetic that defines your home.

Roman Shades: Tailored Solutions for Mid-Century Challenges

Built-ins and banquettes: Many Mid-Century homes, designed for functionality, maximise space with built-in seating and banquettes. Roman shades are the perfect window treatment solution for these areas, allowing for unobstructed use of the space.

Oceanfront living: If your Mid-Century haven boasts stunning ocean views, Roman shades can still be the answer. Opt for shades with specially designed features, like stainless steel guide rings, that resist the corrosive effects of salty ocean air. Traditional guide rings can rust in these conditions.

Showcase Your Mid-Century Masterpiece

With Roman shades from Home point, your Sunshine Coast home’s windows will become the focal point of every room, drawing attention to the clean lines and expansive views that define Mid-Century Modern design. Contact our window treatment experts today to discuss the perfect Roman shades to elevate your architectural gem.