Wire Guide Awnings


Wire Guide Awnings are hardwearing enough that it can withstand harsh conditions of sunshine coast weather, but also easy enough to operate that you can easily lift them up or shut them down. They come in a variety of custom colors, materials and sizes for you to choose form.

With the great sunshine coast summers, having an outdoor space or at last massive doors and windows overlooking the view is a must. Unfortunately, that also means that it can get too warm and people passing by can easily see into your space. An easy solution is to install Wire Guide Awnings.

Wireguide awnings are a self-aligning system. The wire cables on one or both sides of the awning guide the fabric down and up, makes smooth controlled movement. These wireguide awnings are best for all outdoor areas, because the fixing points can be secured to the ground rather than directly onto walls. Wireguides work using a crank system, which can be manually or automatically deployed, making them incredibly easy to control.

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