Zip Screen® Awnings


This is an Australian product, set up in 1988, known for its patented Z-Lock system, they are known for their continuous innovation when it comes to window awnings and blinds. Zip Screen Awnings have huge demand in sunshine coast because of its premium quality and elegant design.

The Z-Lock Technology:

Like a zipper, the lock fastens the textile securely under the channels, hiding the edges and securing within the channels of the track. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing, it’s also significantly more secured because there are no gaps between the channels and textile.

Ultra-Lock Technology:

Zip Screen Awnings withstand its position regardless of external force like strong winds or storm of sunshine coast weather. They come with a latching pin, complemented by an internal mechanism, that strengthens the awning’s lock and ability to stay at a specific height.

Apart from these unique technology, Zip Screen Awnings also come in the following calibrations:


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